Late Medieval Hand and a Half Sword

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

The fish tail pommel that was popular during the 15th century and the ricasso are features that date this bastard sword to the Late Middle Ages.


The grip is wrapped with genuine leather and has a horizontal ridge. In combination with the fish tail pommel, this versatile sword can be wielded with two hands. Thanks to its light weight, it can also be managed with just one hand. Because the double-edged blade tapers steadily from the base to the point, it does not really require a fuller. The distinctive crossguard has a rectangular cross section and a dark bronze patina. The langet is modest, and the ends of the crossguard are flattened and flared.


This late medieval hand and a half sword comes with a scabbard made of genuine leather. Both its mount and chape have a dark bronze patina.


Total length: 114 cm
Blade length: 91 cm
Grip length: 15 cm
Weight: 1.22 kg
Blade thickness (base): 4.7 mm
Blade thickness (CoP): 4.2 mm
Blade width (base): 4.8 cm
Blade width (CoP): 2.5 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 13 cm
Center of Percussion (CoP): 28 cm
Oakeshott type: XVIIIa

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