Man At Arms Gothic Mace

Brand: Cold Steel
We are proud to add this eye catching Germanic-style Mace to our line-up of historically inspired Man at Arms weapons. This modern interpretation of a classical Gothic mace is hand made from 1055 carbon steel. It features a thick walled hollow steel handle, and a weighty pommel to counter-balance the Mace’s heavy helmet crushing head.

Designed to oppose armoured foes, the MAA Gothic Mace features six steel flanges. Each one is profiled and tapered to reduce weight but also add “bite” upon impact, denting and crushing even the strongest plate armor, while the spiked finial at the crown allows the Mace to be used as a thrusting tool. Wielded with either one or two hands, the Gothic Mace is light enough to use with speed, but stout enough to block, parry and, of course, deliver a crushing blow!

Overall Length: 28"
Thick: 7/8" Handle -- 5/8" Shaft
Head: 6" x 3 1/2"
Handle: 9" Long
Steel: 1055 High Carbon
Weight: 50.9 oz
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