Marcus Aquila Cuirass

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
In the movie, "The Eagle," (2011) Roman officer, Marcus Aquila, together with his slave, Esca, find themselves in the harsh wilderness of Britain. On the search for the lost eagle standard of the ninth legion they venture deep into the Caledionian tribal regions north of Hadrian's Wall.

Our magnificent cuirass is a detail-rich replica of the armor Marcus Aquila wears as a centurion in the movie. The sculpturally modeled bulge of the muscles and other finely crafted details of this historical cuirass make it both effective battle gear and an impressive status symbol for highly ranked Roman soldiers.

Made of brass-plated steel, the cuirass has been artificially antiqued for an especially authentic look. Six leather straps hold the cuirass and backplate together – two on each side and two on the shoulders. The straps have buckles that allow you to adjust the cuirass to fit your body.

The Marcus Aquila Cuirass fits people who are between 1.75 m and 1.88 m tall and have a maximum chest circumference of 130 cm.
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