Napoleonic Steel Cuirass - 18 Gauge Steel


This Napoleonic Cuirassier armour is crafted from a high quality 18 gauge steel with a detailed brass trim. It is fitted around the body with adjustable shoulder straps made from leather backed brass plates and a leather strap with steel buckle to secure the lower torso. The interior of the armour comes blackened.


The Cuirassier regiments of the French Grande Armée and the other major powers of the day typically wore torso armour. Cavalrymen fought mostly with their swords in close combat and the armour was appreciated for defending against bayonets and sabers of the enemy. For those unfortunate to be the target of a charge of a Cuirassier regiment, the large horses and shining steel of the Cuirassier brought a wave of fear.


XLarge - Interior Chest Circumference can be adjusted from 49’’ - 51.5’’ (124.4 cm - 130.8)

XLarge - Height of Cuirass: 20.5’’ (52 cm)


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