Marto Conan's Father's Sword - Boxed Collectors Limited Edition

Brand: Marto

With this sword Conan learned the handling, the armors' spirit, and how to fight from his father, as taken from the movie "CONAN THE BARBARIAN". The detailed metal cross guard represents the Irish moose skull cranium and its pommel reproduces the joined hoofs of the animal. This highly detailed sword with polished finish blade engreaved with runes to CROM God of Steel, tanned leather wrapped handle, decorative hand guard and pommel is a perfect movie collectors item and display piece. With the display box and sheath this would be ideal for any home or office. A hand made suede, leather and imitation animal fur scabbard that is adorned with decorative lacing and ornate stringwork that not only fits the sword perfectly, but follows the unique styling of the world famous cult movie "Conan the Barbarian", is a perfect addition to this item.

The beautifully hand crafted stained wooden box with sliding lid and leather sword ties are made by Marto of Spain, and houses the sword and sheath perfectly. This is an ideal way to store and display your Official "CONAN" Sword and Sheath. Made with a solid quality finish, this box measures 108cm x 25cm x 9cm and comes with a rough styled rope carry handle.

Conan Father Sword Bronze - Features
Overall Length: 96 cms - 38 inches.
Blade: Tempered Stainless Steel, hand finished, deep etching.
Handgrip: Leather.
Guard/Pommel: Solid Bronze
Certificate of Authenticity.
Officially Licensed Reproduction.

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