Medieval Talhoffer Buckler

This devilish looking buckler is taken right from the pages of Hans Talhoffers ‘’Fechtbuch’’ - a 15th century fighting manual. This buckler is certainly different in form from the standard round buckler - its boss is large and raised - perhaps to make it even better to punch the foe in close. Its edges terminate in a series of spiked angles strengthened with fluted ridges - these could be used to woefully strike an enemy as the force of the blow would be concentrated on a single point. Whatever its intended design, the Talhoffer Buckler is an undeniably aggressive looking defence tool - one that may well double as an effective weapon in its own right.

Being made from 16 gauge steel this buckler is lighter than many other bucklers though still offers the full defence capability of the thicker 14 gauge but is much lighter and easier to wield.
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