Medieval Tunic Long Belt - Red Leather


This is a beautiful top grade red leather 1.1/4" (3.5cm) wide belt, that is perfect for your tunic. Made of heavy grade leather, and finished with solid brass accents, this belt is extra long at 70" so will be suitable even for the largest of knights.

This medieval leather belt is historically accurate and will complement most tunics, long shirts, and surcoats. It can even be combined with a sword frog.

Its unusually long length can be explained by the way they used to fasten their belts in the Middle Ages. After buckling the belt at the front, they firmly knotted a loop around the buckle and the remaining belt length would be left hanging down at the center.

This narrow version of the belt is 3.5cm wide, 178 cm long, made of red, top grade genuine leather and solid brass decorations.

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