Medieval Warriors Scale Steel Armour

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Brand: Lord Of Battles

This scale armour was widespread among the rich professional warriors of Europe in the Middle Ages starting from V till XI centuries. But in time, such kind of armour had been displaced by brigantines. It was very popular among the body-guards of Rus' and warriors of the Byzantine Empire till the XIV century. The same armour we can see on the paintings of the Slavonic churches and Byzantine miniatures.

Our armour features magnificent steel scales made from 20 gauge steel plates riveted on natural black soft leather with a suede inner lining. Each side offers three adjustable belts to help secure the Plate armour and body adjustments. The shoulder pieces are held together with flat rivets. The bottom and arm piece comes with a frill design. These plates are made from steel and needs to be oiled regularly.



Medium = Chest size up to 45 inches

Large = Chest sizes up to 50 inches

XLarge = Chest size up to 55 inches

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