Middle Age - Simple Battle Axe

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

In addition to swords and spears, axes were the most popular weapons of the Middle Ages. They had one major advantage in comparison to swords: they were easier to make and, therefore, cheaper to produce. As a result, even poor farmers were able to afford a weapon that was very effective against heavy plate armor.


Our simple battle axe features a widely flared blade. Balanced by a pointed spike, the axe blade encloses the wooden handle and is attached to it with rivets. The lower part of the hardwood handle is curved and slightly flared, which makes it stable in your hand. This simple battle axe can be wielded with one or two hands.


This exquisite piece and would make an ideal gift or display item


Key Features:
Historically Accurate
High Quality Construction
Hardwood Grip
High Carbon Steel Blade


Axe Length 67cm
Blade Length From Shaft. 12cm
Spike Length From Shaft. 12cm
Weight. 0.75Kg

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