Norman Ladies Dress

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

The Norman lady dress features elaborate details and a period look. Made of heavyweight, 100 percent cotton, it flows gracefully to the floor. The combination of a fawn background with wine red accents and golden details flatters the look of a noble lady of the world – in Norman times. The round neckline is trimmed with a wide band of velvet dotted with metal plates and glittering braid. The front of the dress and the sleeves are decorated with a wide band of fiber worked to create a chain mail effect, creating an exciting contrast between fine and coarse materials. The lacing at the back of our Norman lady dress allows you to adjust it to fit your figure perfectly. The dress comes with a matching belt in a length befitting the period (approx. 180 cm) that ties at the hips.

Comes in sizes S.M.L or XL

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