Oakeshott Type XIIa Longsword

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

The long swords that Oakeshott classified as type XIIa are considered archetypal two handed swords. They would have been used by knights during the High Middle Ages.


But there are also small differences from type XIIa sword to type XIIa sword. For example, our type XIIa long sword has an unusual grip when it comes to appearance and size: it is somewhere between a hand and a half and a two handed sword. But the hardwood grip with strategically placed horn inlay is long enough to be wielded with one or two hands and makes this sword very easy to control. The classic wheel pommel and a straight crossguard give our type XIIa long sword an elegantly powerful look.


It includes a leather scabbard featuring a mount and a chape.


Total length: 115 cm
Blade length: 92 cm
Grip length: 16 cm
Weight: 1.49 kg
Blade thickness (base): 4.0 mm
Blade thickness (CoP): 4.0 mm
Blade width (base): 5 cm
Blade width (CoP): 3.7 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 15 cm
Center of Percussion (CoP): 30 cm
Oakeshott type: XIIa

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