Marto Duncan Macleod Highlander Tanto

Brand: Marto

This stunning item comes from Marto's High Quality Exclusive Collection.


The Dragon Head Tanto by Marto of Toledo Spain features a black lacquered scabbard (saya) an intricately carved hilt like its big brothers the 417 Katana and 421 Wakizashi.

The elaborate hilt features the famous Dragon Head pommel (kashira) in faux-ivory, while the guard (tsuba) and collar (fuchi) are plated in bronze metal. The slightly curved (sori), one-edge blade is tempered steel.

Comes factory sharp but can be finely sharpened as blade is fully-functional.


Officially Licensed Product of Marto of Spain.
Comes With: Certificate of Quality & Origin.


Overall: 52 cms - 20 1/2 inches
Blade: AISI 440 steel
Handle: Imitation Ivory
Scabbard: Lacquered Aluminum

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