Pirate Captains - High Seas Baldric

Brand: Stone Castle

This Pirate Captains High Seas Baldric is made in top grain leather and suede which if fully adjustable to hold most swords.
With the sign of the high seas octopus embroidered on the face it shows the quality of the item and the high status of the wearer.

This quality made baldric offers more support than a standard waist belt as a way to carry your weapons.
Using soft, but sturdy, suede & leather, this baldric is both comfortable and durable.
The belt strap is secured using a heavy buckle painted to look weathered, while the scabbard is adjusted using leather ties and can be switched to either the right-hand or left-hand side.
Almost any outfit will benefit from this authentic looking weapon holder, and being made soft strong and light it won’t burden your kit with unnecessary weight!

The perfect baldric to hold both heavy swords for full on re-enactment use, and the lighter weight latex swords for LARP


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