Practical Rapier, With 37" Blade

Brand: Hanwei

Fencing in the Renaissance style plays a prominent part in historical re-enactment, combining the quickness of light blades with the structure and spirit of the duel. In addition to our Practical Swept Hilt and Cup-Hilt Rapiers we have a number of other weapons for the Renaissance fencer and these are presented here.
The Schlaeger Rapiers utilise a popular swept hilt, modified to accommodate our schlaeger blades in 37" (SH1099) and 43" (SH1098) lengths. These tapered blades provide a superior balance compared to the traditional parallel-sided schlaegers, making for a faster sword.


Replacement blades are available for all of the sparring weapons shown here as follows:
Sword - SH1098 - Blade Ref. - OH1060
Sword - SH1099 - Blade Ref. - OH1061
Sword - SH1032 - Blade Ref. - OHLASP02
Sword - SH1032B - Blade Ref. - OHLASP01
Sword - SH1033 - Blade Ref. - OH2256


The Fencing Rapier, a standard in the sport, is available with either the Schlaeger blade (SH1032B) or double-wide Epee (Musketeer) blade (SH1032). Either blade will fit the OL301 sheath. The Main Gauche (SH1033) is fitted with a training blade that combines adequate parrying stiffness at the forte with tip flexibility for safety, making the piece ideal for two-weapon sparring. The AH2143 mask meets international punch-test standards and is recommended for use with these and any other fencing weapons.


Key Features:
High-carbon steel blade
Excellent balance


Overall length: 43 1/2"
Blade length: 37"
Weight: 2lb 3oz
Box height: 46 3/4"
Box width: 6 3/4"

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