Praetorian Guard Roman Gladius

Brand: Stone Castle

The legionaries known as the Praetorian Guard were first hand-picked veterans of the Roman army who served as bodyguards to the emperor. First established by Augustus, members of the Guard accompanied him on active campaign and served as secret police protecting the civic administrations and rule of law imposed by the senate and the emperor.

The Roman Gladius was the sword of choice for the legions.
Two primary weapons were carried by each soldier: a pilum or pila (plural) and the gladius, a short thrusting sword used in close combat.
Part of what made the Roman army such an effective fighting force on the battlefield was the success of the gladius.
Its relatively small and light size made it perfect for stabbing in close combat.
In combination with the Roman shield, the scutum, the legionnaire was a deadly fighter.

This black finished Gladius is a great looking sword, and a perfect choice.

The sword comes with a dull edge that can be sharpened in our workshop at an additional cost of £30-


Overall length:74cm
Grip Length. 11cm
Blade length: 53cm
Blade Width. (Widest). 6 cm
Weight: 0.97 kg
Weight With Scabbard. 1.35 kg
Blade Material: High Carbon Steel.
Tang: Full

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