Ragnar Giant Drinking Horn With Leather Holder

As low as £36.00
Brand: Stone Castle

These giant Ragnar drinking horns all come with a quality leather holder which enables you to wear your horn on a belt and/or hang it up in storage.

Ensure your status at the festivities and toast to Valhalla with these massive drinking horns.
These huge horns come in 3 sizes so you can drink the night away without constantly refilling. A larger horn also has more liquid room which gives you less spillage when your in festive party mode.

Horns are a natural product so colour and shape will vary from horn to horn, so we have pictured several to show the general look of a selection of the horns on offer.

These Giant Ragnar Drinking Horns come in 3 different sizes:-
3 pints, 4 pints, and 5 pints
Simply select the size you would like, and all come with a leather holder.

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