Renaissance Wax - 65ml Or 200ml Sizes

Brand: Picreator
Keeping your sword or armour from rusting always used to be a messy job, requiring oil to stop the moisture in the air or from use causing the blade to rust. But in an effort to preserve Museum pieces Renaissance Wax was born, this man made crystalline wax has fast become a standard in many fields for use of preservation.

Spreading a thin coat over the blade, or over armour and helmets which dries both hard and totally clear leaving the same shine to the steel but giving it a protection from rust is both a fantastic way to preserve your items, but also takes away any need to keep re-oiling and cleaning as the wax is a long lasting alternative that requires minimal care.

Available in both 65ml and 200ml containers. For a few swords or pieces or armour the 65ml is a great size to care for them, but in larger collections the 200ml size really lasts a long time and provides the ultimate low fuss way to prevent rust.
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