Rondel Dagger

Brand: Hanwei

Introduced in response to many requests, our Rondel Dagger is typical of the widely-used sidearm of the late middle ages. Carried by a wide section of the populace, from tradesmen to fully-armoured knights, the Rondel enjoyed a long service life. Our version is both attractive and functional. The stiff T-section blade is edged and crafted in 5160 high-carbon steel, with a hardwood handle. All fittings, including the octagonal guard and pommel, are in steel and the leather-covered wooden sheath complements the dagger perfectly. The Rondel will appeal to collectors and living history participants alike.


Overall Length - 34.3cm
Blade Length - 22.9cm
Grip length - 10.2cm
Weight - 280gram

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