Sendivogius Wand

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Brand: Epic Armoury

These wands, with a wooden core, are designed to be low maintenance and stylish from the get-go. With a highly detailed, hand painted grip and varnished wood, that can be separated from one another, there is a high degree of details present and lots of options for customization possible. Wands with a wooden core share the same dimensions as such, cores and sheath can be interchanged between one another in order to create the exact type of wand that you are looking for. This means that if you have bought two wands, you have a total of 4 different variations available.

Magic Wands show up in many different forms of fiction as a tool for wizards or as powerful tools of mass destruction

Inspired by fantasy fiction, these wands have been infused with personality, that reflects the wielder or the spells contained within.

Perfect for any Mage, Wizard, Witch or Warlock.



Weight: 37 grams

Length: 34 cm

Grip Length: 13 cm

Blade Length: 16 cm

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