Shirasaya Wakizashi Brown

Brand: Marto

This stunning item comes from Marto's High Quality Exclusive Collection.


The brown natural wood finish Shirasaya Wakizashi by Marto of Toledo Spain features a beautiful simple clean line design that finds stealth in its blade concealed in what

seems at glance to be a walking stick or cane.
The beautifully crafted saya and handle make an almost seamless fit housing the high-quality Toledo forged blade made of 420s stainless steel hardened and sharpened. The blade reveals a simulated hamon and incorporates a deeply cut groove (Bo-Hi) to reduce the weight of the blade while retaining most of it's strength and cutting ability.
Matching Scabbard and handle are made made of natural hard wood and display a natural wood finish.


Officially Licensed Product of Marto of Spain.

Comes With: Certificate of Quality & Origin.


Overall: 64 cms - 25 1/2 inches
Blade: 420s Stainless Steel
Handle: Wood
Scabbard: Wood

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