Smith & Wesson Nickel Schofield Revolver, USA 1869

Brand: Denix

Smith & Wesson Revolver, USA, 1869 - Nickel 45 Calibre Schofield Single Action Unique break-open action with wood grips Comes in antique brass and blued finish or nickel This non-firing replica has the handling characteristics of the original, with functional lock and loading mechanisms.


Smith & Wesson took a step closer to perfecting firearms with this 1869 First Model American Army revolver. It had a hinged frame that opened to reveal the end of the cylinder and an automatic ejection system for faster reloading of the newly developed metallic cartridges. The gun has a great association with the "Cowboy" era of the American West. This non-firing replica has the original's "single action" mechanism and "top break" loading mechanism.

The G50 dummy bullet will fit the chamber and can be purchased separately.


Key Features:
Functional lock/loading mechanisms
Correct size and weight


Specification - Metric
Barrel Length 20 cm
Overall Length 36cm
Weight 1.145Kg 2lb 8oz

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