Spanish Cup-Hilt Rapier Letter Opener With Presentation Box & Stand

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Brand: Hanwei

Each of our Rapier Minis faithfully replicates period swords in every detail. The blades are forged from maraging steel, a steel typically associated with the sport fencing world, then tempered in a process unique to this material, creating the flexibility inherent in the rapier style.


Our new line of Mini-Swords features miniature replicas of several of our full-sized. Each model in our Mini-Sword line comes with an attractive wood and metal display stand featuring a metal placard engraved with the sword type, origin and approximate period of use. The stand utilises a sturdy nylon blade keeper, so as not to damage the blade polish. Each piece is furnished in a clamshell presentation box and handsome black and gold sleeve making an exceptional gift.


Also available
MH2304 – Mini Italian Swept Hilt Rapier (SH1092)
MH2311 – Mini French Rapier (SH2205)


Key Features:
Length 8 1/2"
6" Steel Blade
Authentic Detail
Presentation Box & Stand

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