Tizona Cup Hilt Rapier

Brand: Marto

The cup hilt rapier made its appearance in the early 1650's in Spain,
and enjoyed popularity in Spain and Southern Italy until the early 1700's.
The rapier was often used with a second defensive weapon, such as daggers,
bucklers, and cloaks were the most popular.
While daggers were often decorated "en suite" with their companion rapier,
it was by no means unusual to have a "mismatched" set of rapier and dagger.
Much lighter than the broadsword of medieval times, the rapier brought about a whole
new style of swordplay and a proliferation of fencing schools.
The rapier marked the earliest beginnings of fencing as a sport.

This beautiful and intricately detailed Spanish style rapier sword measures 44 1/2 inches overall and finds its point of balance 2 3/4 inches from the guard. It features a graceful and light blade, carefully tempered of 440 polished stainless steel. The original version of this historically accurate replica can be admired in the most important Museums of the World. A very well known sword from XVI century valued in all Europe and used by the brave Captains of the Flandes Corps and the courageous Conquerors of America.

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