Tai Chi Sword Bag

Brand: Hanwei

This is a high quality thick strongly made heavy canvas with leather reinforcing. Tai Chi sword bag that caters for all your travelling needs. This Tai Chi Sword Case is the perfect way to get your sword to and from class. Constructed of durable black nylon with leather end, this case is sure to protect you sword during your travels. On the front of the bag there is a pocket suitable to hold a sword maintenance kit. On the side is a carrying handle and on the back is an over the shoulder strap making it even easier to carry your sword. The safe choice for transporting your swords.
Made tough and practical with padded protection for Tai Chi and other swords with a length of up to 46" and a width of 6"


Key Features:
Heavy fabric
Maintenance pocket
Shoulder strap


Overall length: 46"
Width: 6"

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