Templar Heater Shield

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts
This shield shape developed from the heater shield at the end of the 12th century, because the improved protection provided by armour and helmets made larger shields unnecessary. Shields were still useful, but they needed to be lightweight and allow for lots of mobility.

Our Templar heater shield is made of curved wood and is covered with sturdy canvas on both sides. The shield has two crossed hand grips made of leather at the back and a long leather arm strap that you hold under tension to keep the shield close to your body. If you need to drop the shield quickly, simply let go of the leather strap (as described in the "Manesse Codex.") Another long strap allows you to carry the shield on your back, and it has a padded arm rest for extra protection against hard blows. The simple black & white design painted on the outside of the shield probably signifies the Templar knights: white stands for chivalry and purity. The shield provides a white canvas for painting your own coat of arms onto.

Our Templar heater shield measures approx. 64x56 cm (lxw) and weighs approx. 3.2 kg.
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