The Archer's Axe - Fully Functional Tempered Steel

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Axes have always been used as tools and are potentially deadly weapons as well. Depending on its size, an axe could either be designed to deliver mighty cuts to foes or as a medium-range throwing weapon.


They were also the second weapon of choice for archers. They used axes like our archer axe as hammers for pounding stakes into the ground and then sharpening their points as protection from the enemy. This kept the enemy a respectable distance away from a group of archers. When they could no longer keep the enemy at bay with arrows, archers used their axes as weapons. A tapering slot with a rounded head has been milled into the blade of our archer axe – for pulling nails out of wood. The handle of this axe is made of hardwood and the head is made of tempered steel.

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