The Black Tanto

Brand: Marto

This stunning item comes from Marto's High Quality Exclusive Collection.


The Black Tanto 650 Samurai Dagger by Marto of Toledo Spain is a typical japanese Tanto featuring a black laquered sheath (saya), a black knob (kurikata) and black cord wrapped around the handgrip(ito).
The black laquering was used very often according to the highest criterion of beauty known as "shibui", meaning dark but also austere. The other components of the hilt as the guard (tsuba), the collar (fuchi), the pommel (kashira) and the ornamental plaque (menuki) are made in silver plated metal.
The slightly curved, one-edged blade is made in tempered steel.
Comes factory sharp but can be finely sharpened as blade is fully-functional


Officially Licensed Product of Marto of Spain.
Comes With: Certificate of Quality & Origin.


Overall: 45 cms - 18 inches
Blade: AISI 440 Stainless Steel
Handle: Traditionally Wrapped Cord
Scabbard: Texture baked Aluminum

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