The Sword Of William Wallace

Brand: John Barnett

Our Wallace replicates its design perfectly, and when held you get a sense of the awesome destructive power it could deliver.
This sword has an overall length of 55" and is 3.1 kg in weight, it has a full blade length of 42" - a dull edge of 34" and a leather covered ricasso of 8".
The two handed leather covered grip is 9" plus the pommel, and it has an 11 1/2" wide hand guard.
The blade is made in EN45 spring steel with a solid full tang construction which is cup peened (riveted) over the pommel.

The two handed leather covered grip provides firm hold for the full swing, and the leather covered ricasso gives you extra hold for close quarter manoeuvrability. This sword is worthy of it place in Scottish history, and should deservedly take its place at the front of any display or sword collection.

Overall Length 55" - 140cm
Blade Length 42" - 107cm
Ricasso Length - 20cm
EN45 Spring Steel Blade
Blade Width At Guard: 2 1/2" - 6.5cm
Grip Length 9" - 23cm
Weight 1.3 kg
Guard Width 11 1/2" - 29cm

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