Tom Cox - Tower Of London Oil Painting

Brand: Southern Swords

This painting of the Tower of London was specially commissioned by Southern Swords to hang in our Tower exhibition room. It was painted by one of London's best know young and emerging artist Tom Cox

Pained on a 29.1/2" x 21.1/2" canvas, this painting shows with great depth and perspective the view of the Tower of London and Traitors Gate across the river Thames.
Comes with Artist Certificate Of Authenticity

Read below to find out more about the artist:
“If you love London, you will love Cox’s paintings. He depicts the bustling landscape of the Capital in all its glory: full of drama, petty annoyances, and life." Jessie Thompson, Evening Standard.

Tom Cox - Artist Bio
Tom Cox (B.1990) is a Londoner, the son of an Irish father and an Italian mother. He studied a foundation diploma in Fine Art Painting at Camberwell, UAL, going on to complete his BA at Northampton University.
Predominantly working with Indian ink and oil paints, he has spent the last six years capturing scenes of architecture and life in London.
Tom’s paintings are expressive and colourful; from drinkers outside London's ubiquitous pubs, bustling crowds at glamorous events, protestors marching through the city centre, to simple scenes of people waiting for the bus or having a coffee.
His work is inspired by impressionism, cubism and surrealism and seeks to offer a reflection of our culture and our history. From the mundane to the extraordinary, he aims to capture our time and for his paintings to pinpoint this moment in history.

In 2016 Tom founded Focus LDN, a pop-up gallery that exhibits his work and the work of both established and emerging artists. In 2018 he took Focus LDN to Sao Paulo, Brazil and forged connections with successful Brazilian artists, orchestrating its first international exhibition.
In 2019 corporate interest grew and he undertook a number of large scale commissions and simultaneously was taken on by the Select Gallery in Notting Hill.
Tom’s artwork has been featured in the Evening Standard, The Guardian, and Artists & Illustrators Magazine. Tom continues to paint and organise exhibitions from his London studio, growing his international audience and developing relationships with collectors, galleries and brands.

To commission a painting or to view his available portfolio, please visit his website at

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