Valquiras or (Valkyries) Viking Warrior Axe

Brand: Denix

War Axes were an important weapon in Medieval Europe, and they were typically capable of delivering crushing blows to mounted and unmounted foes alike. The Warrior Axe of the Valquiras (Valkyries) is a fantasy axe attributed to the Valkyries, legendary mystical warriors of Norse sagas who transported the souls of dead Vikings to Valhalla, home of the gods. The double head is inscribed with Viking runes and symbols. An excellent piece to decorate the castle walls.


Fantasy styling,
Great display and conversation piece
Overall Length: 28-1/2"
Blade Length: 8"
Handle Length: 22-3/4"
Weight: 3 lbs. 7 oz


The War Axe in History
Among the many weapons used for battle during Medieval times, few were more popular nor as widely used as the Battle Axe, or War Axe. The highly sharpened blades on these formidable weapons could easily pierce armour and shred chain mail worn by opposing knights. The axe was relatively light-weight, allowing it to be an ideal weapon for one-handed battle either on the ground or atop horseback.

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