Victorian styled Sgian Dubh - Black

Brand: John Barnett

This Sgian Dubh is a typical Victorian styled piece and is based on historical specimens of the time.
The black finish hardwood hilt is carved in a basket weave pattern with metal nails for added decoration.
The pommel cap and ferrule reinforce the wooden hilt and protect against damage.


Key Features:
High-carbon steel blade
Historically accurate
High Quality Construction
Leather wrapped scabbard


Overall length in scabbard: 8"
Blade Length: 3"


Skean-dhu or sgian-dhu or (from the Gaelic) sgian-dubb The short bladed knife traditionally worn at the top of a Scotsman's kilt hose (socks).
While there are many styles for Sgian-Dhu's the best known is the Simple Black Knife.
The literal translation is "Black Knife", however the original meaning was probably "Hidden Knife", as this was the knife a Scotsman would hide about his person.
Wearing at the top of kilt hose probably developed from when a Scotsman was taking the hospitality of another, he would take it from its "Hidden Place" and put it where all could see, showing he had no concealed weapons or intentions.

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