Viking Coppergate Helmet

Brand: Deepeeka

This magnificent helmet was found in York in a wood-lined pit with fragments of antler, stone, glass and iron, close to the site where archaeologists had earlier found the remains of Viking settlers. Tests revealed that it was made of iron and copper alloy and dates to the second half of the 8th century.

The helmet is stylistically Northumbrian and has many unique details. After its discovery it was reconstructed to its original state by the British Museum. It is known as the Coppergate Helmet, after the area where it was found close to the Jorvik Centre. The brass band across the crest bears a Latin inscription: IN NOMINE : DNI : NOSTRI : IHV : SCS : SPS : DI : ET : OMNIBVS : DECEMVS : AMEN: OSHERE : XPI translating as "In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Spirit of God, let us offer up Oshere to All Saints. Amen."


Our Coppergate Helmet replica is hand crafted from steel and brass with many intricate details that are hand finished after casting - in the same way the original helmet was made over a millennia ago. It features hinged cheek pieces, adjustable leather spider lining and chin strap, and a butted steel (zinc plated) chainmail 'aventail' to protect the neck. Constructed from 18 gauge steel and not recommended for contact reenactment.



Height (inc chainmail) - 30cm
Width - 23cm
Weight - 4.3kg

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