Viking sword & Scabbard- 9th / 10th Century

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Brand: Cold Steel

The typical Viking sword of the 9th and 10th centuries featured a long wide blade with a broad central fuller and two keen edges. The preferred stroke was a hard slash or chopping blow, so the point was fairly rounded but was just acute enough to be useful for thrusting. A simple guard with forward curving quillions was often utilised and combined with an equally utilitarian wooden handle that was covered with leather, bone, or even cast in brass.

What really made the Viking Sword so distinctively recognisable from its contemporaries was its heavy 5 lobed pommel used to balance the long blade.

Our sword has features in common with its historical counterpart. It has a double edged blade, hand forged out of high carbon steel and then polished to a brilliant lustre. The wooden handle is covered in leather and is supported by a simple, elegant guard at one end and an equally handsome 5 lobed pommel at the other. Both guard and pommel feature traditional Celtic knot embellishments.

To house the keen double edge blade each of our swords is supplied with a wood scabbard covered in black leather and reinforced with a highly polished steel chape and throat.


Weight 37.1oz 1.05kg
Blade Thickness 0.234375" 6.0mm
Blade Length 30¼" 76.8cm
Handle 658" 16.8cm
Handle Details Leather Wrapped
Steel 1055 Carbon
Overall 3678" 93.7cm
Scabbard Leather/Wood w/Steel Fittings
Country of Origin China 

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