William Wallace Brigandine

Brand: Windlass Steelcrafts

Our original licensed Braveheart William Wallace leather brigandine is based on the original one Mel Gibson wore when he played William Wallace in the movie "Braveheart." This brigandine is made of genuine, brown nubuc leather. It is fitted with two approx. 3 cm wide leather straps with buckles that adjust to make this medieval warrior's upper body protection fit you ideally. This ensures that you can wear this Braveheart William Wallace leather brigandine comfortably and securely. The brigandine features rows of decorative brass studs that make it look like metal plates are fastened on the inside. Actually, the rectangular areas defined by the studs are padded to cushion the blows of enemy swords or cudgels. The leather ties at the shoulders are used to keep the matching baldric (sold separately) in place.
This comes in one size that fits at its smallest a 37 inch chest and can go up to a 55 inch chest by simply belt adjustment.
The garment measures 25.5 inches from the shoulder to the bottom.


Braveheart Movie Replica
Quality Leather
Comes In One Size.

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