Winchester Rifle USA 1866

Brand: Denix

The Winchester rifle, descendant of the Henry and 1866 'Yellow Boy' rifles, was made until 1941 and total production was in excess of one million pieces. Many variations and calibres were introduced over the course of its production, but the basic design was largely unaltered and the fact that many are still in use today as hunting rifles bears testimony to the reliability and longevity of the gun. This non-firing replica clearly demonstrates the workings of the famed lever action loading system.


Developed from the Henry rifle, the 1866 Winchester lever-action repeater has passed into legend as 'The Gun That Won The West'. During its production run, from 1866 to 1898, about 170,000 pieces were made in Winchester's Connecticut factory. The gun fired a .44 calibre rimfire round from the tubular magazine located underneath the barrel. This non-firing version clearly demonstrates the workings of the lever-action loading system.


Key Features:
Functional lever-action mechanism
Great decorator piece


Specification Metric
Barrel Length 48cm
Overall Length 98.5cm 38"
Weight 3.000Kg 6lb 10oz

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