24"/60cm. Scottish, or Viking, Full Contact Re-enactment Shield

Brand: Southern Swords

This 24" (60cm) shield has been hand made and finished in the basic timber design.
Built specifically for the re-enactor it is tough enough to be pounded by anything on the battlefield - mace,
axe, swords, clubs etc.
Made with the strength and reliability of modern materials but with the look of the old world.
Perfect for use on the field of battle or just for decoration.
Comes with a centre handle on the back of the shield behind the 14 Gauge Steel Shield Boss.

Key Features

Sturdily built for re-enactment
Great for decoration
Product size is 24" / 60cm
18mm ply
Centre handle.
Authentic design.
14 gauge metal centre shield boss

The spear, axe and shield were the most basic arms of the Viking warrior.
This shield is perfect to be used in re-enactment, display, costume, theatre / movie prop,
or for the home or office.


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