SOLD Reducing Auction Item. Antiqued Spangenhelm / Helmet - 16 Gauge

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Brand: Lord Of Battles

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This menacing helm combines elements of the older spangenhelm design and the later barrel helm Ventilation and vision is better than within many similar helms. This has a quality leather liner, with a thick chinstrap. At a whopping four kilos (4.04 to be exact) this is definitely a helm for havoc, mistreatment, abuse and battering. Like all good armour, this helm isn’t stainless steel so spray with WD40 (or non organic oil) when not in use.

The chin strap is leather (of course) and almost half a centimetre thick (3.5mm). Each strap is Y-shaped and attaches to two different points of the helmet – making it twice as strong as helmets that make a single connection on each side. This ensures less movement of the helmet and the preponderance of thick leather around the jawline adds to your protection. The buckle is solid brass and of an authentic medieval design too. The internal leather liner is comfortable, malleable and fully adjustable. Many competitors sell helmets with padded interiors (invariably made from modern materials). These padded interiors are not adjustable, so they will either fit, or they won't fit. Our laced interiors will fit you because they can be loosened or tightened to fine-tune the helmet to your requirements, which is very important when your eyes have to be level with a vision slit.

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