New Bladed / Pointed Item Shipping Changes

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New shipping requirements for bladed or pointed items in the UK mean that from 01/11/2019 our couriers will need to ask for passport or driving license age verification if they do not believe the person they are handing the item to is over the age of 18.

With an upcoming change to the UK law regard Offensive weapons, many couriers (including ours) have been making changes to how they will deal with bladed or pointed items that will require proof of age.

Due to this we are having to implement a change that will require you (when purchasing a bladed or pointed item) to confirm that you are aware you may be asked for proof of age by the delivery driver.

This service essentially allows us to continue operating and selling these items to you as on delivery there will be an age check. The driver will be adopting the Challenge 25 (if they believe you look under 25, they will be required for you to prove that you are over the age of 18).

From the website side of things, it won't be different, you'll still simply add the item to your basket, check out, hit the acknowledgement (which will now also state that you may need proof of age on delivery) and then it will be shipped to you after payment.

We would like to say thank you in advance for being understanding on this going forward, and you can continue shopping knowing that all bladed items we sell fit within the regulations of these new changes to the law.
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