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Renaissance Wax
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Hey Guys,

I have long been a fan of Renaissance Wax and here at Southern Swords we are now offering this product for sale, over the next short while you should see it appearing as an optional extra on all / most of the products that its suitable to use on, along with a seperate ad for it on its own in larger containers which can be found here (

So exactly what is renaissance wax? Well its possibly the best alternative to using oil for keeping armour, swords and more from rusting. Created for the British Museum originally to preserve historical items this wax quickly took off in the re-enactment and knife making fields, providing a much cleaner and longer lasting way to prevent any rust from eating away at your precious collections.

It works by simply applying a thin coat across the surface which will quickly dry both hard and clear making it almost impossible to tell its even there, the mirocrytalline wax then keeps any moisture from getting to the metal and preventing rust. Lasting a lot longer than oil this requires a lot less care and and makes less of a mess (a great thing for pieces of armour standing around between re-enactments).

We are really pleased to have this product on our shelves now as its something that we have trusted and used for a long while on products and can now offer with the items we sell. H

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