Cavalier Rapier

Brand: Cold Steel

By the mid-1600’s duelling was at the height of its popularity. In fact, this trend for settling affairs of honour with steel reached such heights that King Louis XIII of France outlawed duelling for fear of losing too many of his important dignitaries to this dangerous pursuit!

Aristocratic noblemen saw it as their manly duty to defend their honour at sword-point, and as such began not only seeking out the knowledge and training imparted by specialist sword masters, but also exploring new types of weapon to help them gain a decisive edge.

One particular sword began to gain popularity - a smaller, lighter and faster version of the Rapier that was easier to carry and quicker in combat. A precursor to what would eventually become the Smallsword referred to by many simply as the “transitional rapier”.

Cold Steel’s interpretation of this blade (which we have named the Cavalier Rapier) features a sharp double edged and needle tipped blade which is decidedly shorter and lighter than a classic Rapier, allowing for much more speed and agility.

With a tempered steel pierced shell guard, rings, quillons and knuckle bow it offers astonishingly good hand protection, while its wire wrapped grip and counter balancing pommel give great comfort and liveliness in-hand.

Weight 38.4oz 1.09kg
Blade Thickness 0.2" 5.1mm
Blade Length 36" 91.4cm
Handle 8¼" 21.0cm
Handle Details Wire Wrapped Grip
Steel 1055 Carbon
Overall 44¼" 1.12m
Scabbard Leather/Wood w/Steel Fittings
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