Crusaders Bascinet Helmet - 16 Gauge

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Brand: Lord Of Battles
The visor of the helm can be lifted upwards - the visor is fixed into place when raised or lowered by two steel push-button springs. The interior of the helm has been blackened and has been fitted with an adjustable interior suspension lining of leather. The helm is held to the head with an adjustable chin strap of leather with a brass buckle.

The larger form of the bascinet could be fitted with a visor to turn it into a Great Bascinet. This helmet was a successor to the simpler barrel-like Great Helm. Not only does the Great Bascinet have the advancement of having a hinged visor, but it has more curved surfaces, particularly at the top of the helm’s ‘’skull’’ that serve to deflect the force of a strike, as opposed to absorbing it fully as a flat-topped helm might.
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