Deshi Series Katana - Take

Brand: Tora Hanta
The Tora Hanta Deshi series of Katana is designed for those who are students at a Dojo or who are passionate about cutting and their sword, these swords feature premium Saya and iron fittings along with a differentially hardened (clay tempered) 1060 High carbon steel blade. Suitable for cutting bottles, tatami and bamboo.

Featuring a dark red Saya with mother of pearl inlay and genuine buffalo horn fittings along with black Silk sageo and ito this sword has a distinctive look that works well on display but is also fully functional, The tsuba is a simple cutout design with the handle featuring menuki and a genuine white rayskin wrap. The blade is 1060 High Carbon steel with a traditional clay temper With Bo-Hi.

Key Features:
Wooden Display Box - Silk Sword Bag - Maintenance Kit
Genuine Buffalo Horn Fittings
Clay Tempered 1060 Blade
Full Tang With Two Mekugi For Security
Hand Forging Certificate

Overall Length - 116cm
Blade Length - 79cm
Blade Thickness - 7mm
Tsuka Length - 29cm
Bo-Hi - With
Weight (With Saya) - 1447g
Weight (Without Saya) - 1186g
Tsuba Material - Iron
Fuchi & Koshirae Material - Iron
Seppa Material - Brass
PoB - 15cm
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