Double Back Hanger -Suede - Black

Brand: Epic Armoury

This double back hanger in the black suede finish is a beautiful addition to anyones outfit.

This attractive little beauty can hold any straight-edged Larp sword due to its adjustable scabbards and because of its adjustable back harness, it will fit almost any warrior.

The double back scabbard is embellished by leather stitching and has an impressive embossing on the detachable belt.

The sword frogs have a soft suede liner to help protect your weapons and is adorned by beautiful brass buckles.

You may modify this double holder to be worn at your waist as a regular scabbard or worn over your armor on your back.

ither way, this is the perfect sword holder for your medieval adventures.




Frog Length: 29,00 cm
Frog 2 Length: 17,00 cm
Frog Max width: 10,00 cm
Frog2 max widt: 8,00 cm
Strap Width: 3,50 cm
Strap Length: 194,00 cm
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