Full Viking Costume Set - 5 Piece

Brand: Southern Swords

9th Century 5 Piece Viking Costume Set
Ready For The Re-enactment Field. Stage Or LARP.
This Viking costume set has everything you need to step back into history to the days of the Vikings.
This is a great 5 piece costume set which consists of :-


1. A Viking Spectacle Helmet - Normally £89
2. A Faux Suede Cord Laced Shirt - Normally £32
3. Matching Faux Suede Cord Laced Trousers - Normally £27
4. Black or Brown Viking Belt - Normally £38
5. Viking Shield - Normally £58


This 5 piece Viking set would cost £244
but as a set we offer a £24 Discount bringing the set to £220


A great Costume set ready for Re-enactment, The Stage, LARP, Parties, Display, or just for fun.
The mannequin and wig are an optional extra.

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