Relief Engraved Spanish Horseman Helmet

Brand: Marto

This high quality armour helmet is part of the exclusive collection of "Historic Armour" by Marto of Spain 


Ideal for collector's, this is an excellent piece of armour which would be a fantastic addition to any collection, can also be adapted for theatrical and TV use.


This Relief Engraved Spanish Horse Helmet by Marto is a replica reproduction of helmets used by mounted knights during the reign of Charles V and Philip II, and today are a part of the collection of the Royal Armory in Madrid. 


This Spanish Horse Helmet is made of steel and characterised by eye-slits that are carved out from the front part of the skullcap, because the little visor covers only the central sector of the face. With a gorget and visor enriched by detailed engravings and a skull-cap displaying an elaborate figure in bras relief, this helmet is as much an artistic piece as it is representative of the helmets used during the 16th century. 


Comes with two coloured ostrich plumes in red and yellow and a display stand made in steel. 




Overall Height: 14 Inches - 35cm 

Comes with Certificate of Quality and Origin.

Made in Toledo, Spain

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