Robin Of Locksley 5 Piece Full Costume Set

Brand: Southern Swords

Robin Hood 5 piece full costume set.
Be a part of history as this set gives you the authentic look and feel of the past, but with the quality of todays standards.


This set comes with :-

1. Robin of Locksley Trousers.
These comfortable Locksley trousers are made of a durable heavy cotton, and have an elastic waistline allowing for an easy fit.


2. Robin Of Locksley Gambeson.
From the legends of Sherwood comes a gambeson worthy of the outlaw known as Robin Hood. This heavy cotton garment is a sleeveless, quilted and padded studded gambeson. Manufactured from a chocolate brown corduroy. This gambeson is the perfect item to wear with the Locksley shirt


3. Robin of Locksley Brown Shirt.
A quality and comfortable shirt worthy of the outlaw that wore it. This chocolate brown corduroy shirt with its padded and studded sleeves is the perfect item to wear with the Locksley gambeson. Both pieces are a perfect match for each other.


4. Robin Hood Belt.
Worthy of the Outlaw known as Robin Hood, this belt gives the Robin of Locksley Gambeson a fitted look. Made of top grade leather with nickle studs, and comes in one size, approximately 49" long.


5. Robin of Locksley Boots.
This excellent pair of calf-high boots are made in a soft suede. These boots are both heroic in style, while at the same time, warm and comfortable. The lace-up front allows for a good, solid fit. A hard sole has been added for long, all-day adventures. Comes in mens UK whole sizes 7 -12.


Set comes in S/M or L/XL

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