Roman Lorica Hamata

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Brand: Lord Of Battles

This chainmail lorica hamata is constructed from 8mm butted spring steel rings, is sleeveless in design and reaches to about mid-thigh (approximately 35" long). The item has a second layer of shoulder protection that is attached across the back by a single layer of rings and comes around the neck to the chest. This additional protection is lined with leather piping which is folded over the edges and stitched through. Riveted to the centre of the chest is a pair of decorative S-shaped brass hooks which attached to a stud on each side of the additional shoulder protection to hold in place.

The lorica hamata is a type of chainmail armour that was invented by the Celt and adopted later on by the Romans. With a natural finish this is a historical yet functional piece that is suitable for not only stage and costume but also re-enactment. You may also find this piece being worn at LARP (live action role play) events.

8mm butted spring steel rings makes this piece suitable for :-
Stage & Costume.


XLarge Only (Fits up to 56 Inch Chest)


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