Smooth Spanish Round Morion Helmet

Brand: Marto

This high quality armour helmet is part of the exclusive collection of "Historical Helmets" by Marto of Spain


Ideal for collector's, this is an excellent piece of armour which would be a fantastic addition to any collection, can also be adapted for theatrical and TV use.


The Spanish Round Morion Helmet also known as the Pikeman's Pot by Marto of Toledo, is a full size reproduction of a 16th century helmet. The helmet provided protection for the head and featured a rounded profile , semi-spherical crest and a crescent shaped brim. The crest or comb on the top of the helmet was designed to give this helmet maximum strength.

The Morion or conquistador helmet is used in Europe by infantrymen between the second decade of the 16th century and the first decade of the 17th century, in particular by Spanish soldiers but also used in other armies of Europe.

Entirely made in polished steel this smooth and classic design gives clean lines to the shape and craftsmanship of this helmet and an eye catching appeal for any display.  



Overall Height: 13 Inches - 33cm


Comes with Certificate of Quality and Origin.

Made in Toledo, Spain

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