St George Medieval Knight 6 Piece Full Costume Set

Brand: Southern Swords

St George Medieval Knight 6 piece full costume set.
Be a part of history as this set gives you the authentic look and feel of the past, but with the quality of todays standards.

This set comes with :-
1. Faux suede brown trousers with elasticated waist. One size fits all. (Available in black if preferred)
An excellent faux suede pair of trousers authentically designed and comfortable to wear, have an excellent look with a soft feel and plenty of room for movement. They have an elasticated waist with a cord tie.


2. Medieval natural cotton shirt.
Authentically-tailored well made 100% heavy cotton lace-up shirt. Suitable for use with many period outfits this shirt has a collarless cord lace-up neck. It gives ample room for movement and is comfortable to wear on its own or under any garment.


3. St George red cross tabard.
Made of heavy 100% cotton and comes with a full red cross embroidered on the front. One size fits all.


4. Hand platted double wrap woollen tunic belt.
This woollen medieval belt is over 11ft long and 1-1/4 inches wide. It is made from thick brown wool platted together and finished at both ends with tassels. This belt wraps around you twice then ties.


5. Real chainmail coif.
An essential item for the Crusading Knights of old.


6. St George matching red cross hooded cloak.
Made of heavy 100% cotton with corded tie, this long, hooded St George's cape has a red cross embroidered on the left shoulder and matches the tabard.


Set comes in M, L or XL


This set looks great as it is, but can be improved on with a few accessories to give you a total authentic look.


Recommended accessories are :-
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Leather sword belt with frog - Ref. 121324 £73 or Ref: 121196 £43.06
Leather medieval calf boots - Ref: 121205 £100 or
Suede medieval ankle boots - Ref: 121211 £71.86
Medieval sword - Ref: SH2046 £136 (Light weight, blunt & fully safe)


Or choose from many other items available listed on our web site.

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