Steven Seagal Signature Katana

Brand: Cold Steel

New For 2016 - Pre Order Only For Our First Shipment

This Japanese sword is inspired by an antique original from the collection of Mr. Steven Seagal.

The extra wide, deeply curved Tachi-style, distal tapered and convex ground blade is made from Damascus steel and differentially hardened with a clay tempered Hamon and a distinctive peaked Iori Mune spine.

The Tsuba, Fuchi and Minuki all feature a Vajra – symbolizing both the strength of a diamond and the force of a thunderbolt, while also representing enlightenment. The handle is bound in pure white samé (ray-skin) and wrapped with black silk, while the simple black lacquered Saya securely protects the exquisite blade inside! This astounding and unusual sword represents the highest levels of production blade manufacture, rivaling many custom swords in quality, materials and performance.

Weight 48.4oz 1.37kg
Blade Thickness 0.31" 8mm
Blade Length 33" 83.8cm
Handle 13" 33.0cm
Handle Details Samé (Ray Skin) Handle w/ Black Braid Cord w/ Brass Menuki
Steel Damascus
Overall 46" 1.17m
Scabbard Black Lacquered Wood
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